Our Services

Your association with NGO Marg Darshak for 3 years will increase the chances of getting funds by manifold. We provide strategic advisory to increase your chances of getting funds and believe that funds don't automatically come to an NGO rather they are brought with correct documentation & applications.

So, to be successful or progress in the field of NGO. Call us immediately. We don’t prefer to entertain text message queries.


Our Mission & Vision: To transform a small NGO to a bigger NGO.

  1. NGO PROFILE Management.
  2. Darpan Related Advisory.
  3. NGO Project Report making.
  4. NGO financial Projection.
  5. Annual Activity Report making.
  6. Other NGO Related Advisories.
  7. Assistance for CSR funding from PSU.
  8. Crowdfunding Assistance.
  9. Applying for Latest Central Schemes.
  10. Suggesting corrections to be made in NGO documents.
  11. Advising planning for the progress of NG0.
  12. Advising ways to raise fund for NGO’s vacant land or for developing infra.
  13. Suggestions for registering new NGO.

Other Information

  1. Guiding the NGO on how to construct buildings through CSR funding provided they have the land.
  2. Advising on the eligibility of NGO to apply for 3/4 schemes, given they have the correct audit Annual reports of 2 years.
  3. If an NGO has correct Audit & Annual reports of 3 years, then it is eligible to apply for all schemes.
  4. The ministry demands correct audit reports of the latest 3 years to apply for central schemes.
  5. We also help to get your pending payments released from different ministries like Social Justice Ministry, Women & Child Development Ministry, Culture Ministry, MORTH etc. For pending payments we will visit will visit ministries on behalf of you.